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Read Exciting Classic Thriller Novels And Be Entertained

Are you fond of reading exciting mystery and detective novels? If so, then we have here are some of the listed outstanding thriller novels that will surely give you goosebumps and will keep you in your seat.

The first classic thriller novel that we have here is a masterpiece crafted by Jack Higgins. The title of the book is The Eagle Has Landed. This particular novel is a very exciting read, set during World War 2 with a storyline that is based on fiction and fact. According to the plot of the book, there was a group of German who as in a mission to kidnap British Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The mission was said to be supervised by Himmler, and the team’s code was The Eagle. The mission commences, and the help that the team gets from British Nazi sympathizers has led the plan to move in. The Germans decided to kidnap Churchill at his country estate. When they are about to kidnap the prime minister, their cover was blown when two of the children almost drown and one of the Germans tries to help them. If you want to know more about what happened at the end, we suggest that you grab a copy of the book, or read them online as many reading sites surely offer them.

Another classic thriller that we highly recommend for you to read is The Firm authored by no other than the famed John Grisham. The Firm was nineteen ninety-one well-written novel that is bound to hold your attention up to the very end. In the said novel, you will be following the story of Mitch McDeere, a law student who was said to receive an offer to work for a well-known law firm in Memphis. The law firm offered the character the following: paying off his student loans, a lease for a brand new car, a beautiful house as well as a large salary. He took the job and move to Memphis together with his wife, however, what he does not know is that the firm was actually run by the mafia and no one is allowed to leave, unless by death. A few months have passed and the FBI started their investigation of the firm. They needed the help of Mitch to unveil the mystery-shrouded the firm. If you love something that will make you feel the same as the character, then this is the novel for you.

The next well-known classic thriller novel is titled The Long Goodbye, and this was written by the famous Raymond Chandler. Philip Marlowe was the name of the character in this hardboiled detective story. The novel started with a guy named Terry Lenox, Marlowe’s friend, who showed up at his front door, asking him to drive him to Mexico. Marlowe agrees to help him; however, upon coming back, he learned that Lennox’s wife has been murdered. Soon after, Lennox was found dead through suicide in Mexico, leaving a written confession beside him. Marlowe was baffled and confused about the case, started to investigate, yet, he was stopped by many people. If you are curious to know what happened next, then you better read the novel firsthand.

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