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Caring for Your Blue Pitbull Puppy

Blue Pits are highly popular today and have even received the nickname, “Blue Lust” as breeders struggle to meet the crazy demand for these canines. If you have decided that you want one of these dogs, you need to discover more about them so you can provide them the right care.

Below are seven care tips for a Blue Pitbull puppy that you should keep in mind:

Train right away.

Begin by teaching your dog good habits and obedience commands. If you are uncertain how to go about it, you can find several instructional videos and books on the Internet, or just enlist the help of a dog training expert.

Observe proper feeding.

Vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes and peas, as well lean meats such as turkey and chicken, are the best sources of nutrition for your Pit pup. If you don’t enjoy preparing dog meals from scratch, you can approach your breeder and ask for dog food recommendations. Keep in mind too that smaller, multiple feedings are smart as they help prevent bloat, a serious and possibly deadly digestive problem brought on by overeating.

Never miss his shots.

Missing vaccinations can render earlier received vaccines ineffective, which means your puppy will have an increased chance of contracting Parvo, Distemper and other illnesses. In addition, take your pup to the vet on a regular basis to ensure that he is growing on schedule and has no development issues.

Give him appropriate toys.

Like any other dog breed, Pitbulls love to chew, but the toys and bones you give your pup should not only be fun him but also appropriate for his strong jaws and teeth. You sure don’t want those toys ending up in his stomach and causing medical complications.

Get your pup to socialize.

It’s crucial for your Blue Pit pup to learn socialization skills in a variety of situations, whether it’s going to the vet, mingling with other dogs at the park, etc. And, of course, the earlier he begins, the more social he becomes, helping prevent aggressive behavior in his adulthood.

Keep your Blue Pit active.

Large breeds often have a lot of energy that must be let out. Therefore, your Blue Pit will need a chance to be physically active every day. Take him out to run and play on a regular basis. Play games that engage his mind and body, such as fetch and tug-of-war.

Neuter you Pit.

Lastly, unless you want to breed your Blue Pit, neuter him as soon as it’s safe. The purpose is to stop unwelcome breeding and passing down of genes.

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