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An author is a talented storyteller who can write a thrilling and exciting storyline that looks like the truth. When a professional author narrates a story there tend to be too much to think of, as this is not just sitting down and jotting rather it entails a lot of commitment and also smart thinking. A serious author must have a smart mind, a mind that can think beyond the truth, a mind that can think like reality whereas it is just a story, this person is someone who can think of big issues than a normal person can. An author is someone with an intelligent mind as they normally use that mind to make stories and these stories must look real.

A good author plans, this means that he should know the kind of stories he wants to specialize in, and why he wants to specialize in such kind of stories. Authors should know how to start a story and this should be written and not just think randomly when an author has a pen and a paper it makes more sense as anytime the mind can pop up with some juicy stories of which the writing will be needed for the material to stick. When an author is thinking of a story they must have planned and set their minds into that specific storyline, there is no way an author can write a book from the blues. However these authors have special ways to write their books, apparently, some authors can just look at something and start thinking of story out of it. While some must do research prior to writing any story, some just have to go through some articles for them to get materials to write. Some authors are best in writing real-life stories, this means they write what happened in the past and nothing but real life. Some, on the other hand, are good in thrill stories, while some are good at writing love stories, these and many more authors can do and they do vary in producing the type of stories.

A good author never talks about what they are writing as this will ruin their juiciness of the story since they will have spilled everything to people, and a juicy story should be kept secret for people to get interest. Good authors know how to plan their books as there must be an arrangement for the market to recognize their work and also when readers see how organized you are there tend to be consistency in selling more and more books. A serious author always writes a book that they would love to read themselves this means that, he must write an interesting book that makes him thrilled, this way they will know if the book is the best for selling or it shouldn’t be published to the readers. When an author feels satisfied in whatever they write and after reading then it means they are serious authors and that they are qualified to become bestsellers authors in this industry.

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