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Convert Clients with the Use of Explainer Videos

If it is about creating an online business presence, video is a must have. Videos are shared commonly on social media, usually preferred than text, in addition to their being able to yield an additionally significant investment return over other types of marketing.

The entire aim of an advertising campaign, otherwise known as search engine optimization, is for customers to be brought to the site to avail of the products or else the services you have to offer. No matter how your page ranks or how awesome your campaigns are, people however will not be converted into clients unless when they come across your page they are familiar with what they should do.

A great approach to convert casual visitors to serious clients is using some explainer video. Explainer videos spend about a minute or a couple minutes to give a description of the products or services you have available as well as why they are unique.

Here are three key reasons how the explainer video can bring in customers for your business:

1. Brand Specialist

Investing in a whiteboard explainer video will show that your company takes the experience of every client seriously. Your customer will see your sense of professionalism when you have a detailed animated video of your process. This will further help your brand by building a sense of relatability towards your audience by making content with a slice of humor, this will also help in expanding your brand as such content can be shared again and again on various social media platforms.

2. Various Styles of Learning

Explainer videos are able to tap into different senses. The animated video will provide a comprehensive visual representation, a visual experience the product you are selling, and with the voiceover helping in providing auiditory explaination to further showcase your product. The vide should also feature limited text. With these animated videos at your disposal, you can easily appeal towards the three major different mediums of online content consumption namely-audio,video, and text. This just shows the effectiveness of explainer videos.

3. The Response

After you have presented whatever it is that you do to a viewer, the last part of the video would you telling the audience what is their next course of action if ever they are interested. Want your audience to sign up for an emailing list? Or would you like to have your customers jump on the cart and head to buy your products? Or you just want them to hit you up with a message. If you have someone watch your whole video from start to finish, there’s a chance that you have a possible client on the works.

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